My name is Dan Whitaker...and I am a Ouija fan.  It all probably started
when I first saw the film Witchboard.  Shortly afterward, I attempted to
make my own Ouija board out of notebook paper and Elmer's paste.  
Needless to say, it was an utter failure.  My dad refused to let me own a
Parker Brothers board because they were "the devil".  I was probably in 1st
or 2nd grade.  Now, a decade and a half later, I am making my own boards
out of wood and collecting antique Ouija boards.  Is my dad proud?  
Probably not.

I'm always getting asked questions about my religious background.  The
truth about my religion is that I don't really have one.  (The shirt I'm
wearing at the top of the page is just a joke.  I don't worship Satan, nor do I
encourage anyone else to waste their time doing so.)  Most likely, religion is
a form of superstition that was created thousands of years ago so people had
something to believe in.  They didn't know why the sun set, why the seasons
changed, or how we got here, so they imagined that some guy waved his
magic wand and made it all happen.  Much like everything else on my page,
this is just an opinion.  If any of you out there think differently than I do, I
understand completely.  People today like to think that they're not
superstitious, then they go to church and sing songs to the ceiling and roll
their eyes back into their heads to get closer to a fictional character that was
created in the dark ages.

Before science explained why people got headaches, it was once thought that
demons were the cause.  People actually thought demons would possess the
head of a person and cause a headache!! do you get a demon out of
your head?  Not with aspirin!  They would drill a hole into the skull of the
"demon's victim" in hopes that the devil's servant would vacate the man's
cranium.  Nowadays, that idea seems insane.  Also, it was thought that when
a man went impotent, it was because some witch was sucking his power.  It is
sad how many countless innocent people were killed just because they were
falsely accused of witchcraft.  I think that a few years from now, the ideas of
religion at all will seem the same way.

Today, we learn about Greek mythology in school...tomorrow, perhaps we'll
teach our children about Christian Mythology so they can learn about the
fictitous saviors of the 21st century.  

Another question I am frequently asked is, "How do I protect myself from
evil spirits, demons, etc...while using a Ouija Board?"  In my opinion, no
protection is needed.  I have around three dozen boards and I've used them
all.  Never have my walls melted, never have I seen any negative activity, and
never have I even gotten a cold chill.  Some people suggest a crucifix.  Since
the Bible stresses that anyone communicating with the dead is a sinner, I'm
not sure what the crucifix is supposed to help.  If it makes you feel safer to
rub spiced ham on your face before using a Ouija board, by all it!

I've never used anything for protection and I have yet to be possessed by
demons...although I have had a headache or two:  the work of the devil?  I
doubt it.  They went away without any drilling or banishing spells.  :)  This is
probably why the boards work better with two people.  The two users' minds
together move the planchette.  These boards can be great for releasing your
subconscious stress...just try it.  Plus, they're much cheaper than a

If you want to know anything about me...this is where to read.  I was born on
June 29th, 1981 so I'm not quite able to be considered old and wise.  Some of
my Ouija boards were made over 90 years before I was born.  Others in my
collection are only a few years old.  My father is fairly religious (or at least
he thinks he is) - he started going to church for a while until he realized all
they wanted was his money.  So...he quit.  I just finished college and I now
have an 2-year degree in computer networking, so I am probably a lot
smarter than you are.

Aside from making my own wooden Ouija boards, my day job is in the Slot
Department of Belterra Casino in southern Indiana.  Well, I guess Ouija
board making is my day job since I work graveyard shift at my casino job.  
This is a really unusual hobby and I'm proud to be one of the few people that
truly respect talking boards.  I am also an amateur guitar player, a movie
collector, an avid reader, and I have a severe fetish for gothic ladies and
Asian ladies too...perhaps I am saying too much now.
I feel like I'm in therapy.

Please enjoy the rest of my site.

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About Me
I'm ugly and untalented; only the truly bored should waste their time
reading about me.  For those of you fitting this discription...enjoy!
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