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Danny seems to have liked my Demonic design because it closely resembles it.  It is a nice looking
piece, especially for his first board.  Keep up the good work!  Here's what he had to say:
"My name's Danny Burton, I live in the U.K., I'm 16 and I have been
interested in Ouija since I was 14!  I love all the different types of talking
boards so I decided to make my own!!  I got my inspiration off Dan
Whitaker after looking at his own Demonic board.  Hope you like it!!"
These boards were created by fellow Ouija board fans.  Nothing beats a handmade board, especially
when you do it yourself.  If you made your own Ouija board, feel free to submit it to me so I can add
it to this page!  You can also write the caption that is below the picture of your board.  Good luck!
If you would like to submit a handmade Ouija board you've created to the
Witchboard World gallery, you can do so at the email address below:


Please attach a jpeg or bitmap of your board. It can be an original design, or
a knock-off of an antique board.  It's completely up to you!  Also, please
include what you would like your caption to say.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Danny Burton - 8/12/2002
Keep in mind that these boards aren't for sale.  I don't even own these boards.
They are for display purposes only.  Also, I have made no attempts to correct spelling and grammar in
the captions below the pictures; each is a word for word description that the artist sent me.
This is an original design created by a Ouija fan, her sister, and her cousin.  I envy the fact that her
cousin can paint.  I couldn't paint to save my life.  They went to great lengths to ensure only positive
energy flows through their board.  Here are some highlights of what she had to say.:
"We looked up tons of spices and mixed them into our paints.  (The ones that
mean protection, purification, magic, etc...)  I also put my blood on the
board ('sacred' virvin blood) and we used graveyard dirt in one of the
protection symbols.  With all the precautions against evil along with a little
banishment homemade spell, we shouldn't get any evil spirits."
Kaitlin A. - 8/16/2002
I really like the organic look of this board.  In my opinion, it has a really ancient look to it.  Here is
what the board's maker had to say about his creation:
"They take me two days to make (drying times etc...) and they are covered
three or four times in thick varnish.  They are cut from ply to give them a
unique shape, so my work varies from board to board.  The comments I've
had about them are all good.  Someone said they have a 'found in the attic
feel about them' and I took that as a compliment."

2012 UPDATE:  After 10 years, I learned that this board was made by the
UK's OuijaFreak.  Check out his
YouTube Channel for Ouija videos!
William McMillan - 8/21/2002
I really like this design as well.  It is nice to see a board without smiley faces on it.  Here is what the
artist had to say.  Get ready, it's a big one:  :-)
"My name is Robert i will be 18 this July i was always interested in Ouija
Boards ever since i was 6 years old when my cousins made one out of
cardboard and played  and play with the one my cousin had of a Gypsy at
the center that brings back memories all right lets go to the board I actually
took about 6 to 7 hours to make this  i made it today from sanding to
drawing to wood burning and painting  i always loved a gruesome pictures
of the sun and moon that's why i liked Dan's WitchBoard Replica but mines
is not a copy of it mines was from the top of my head i believe the look the
sun and moon have looking angry and upset is meaning the spirits they must
be angry or sad to stay on this realm with us they should have been
reincarnated to a new life so the ones left behind are upset in some way  i
have made my board similar to a wiccan's WitchBoard and no Wicca is also
known as Witchcraft is not evil we don't believe in the devil or anything,
instead of hello my board has Merry Meet adn instead of good-bye it's
Merry Part, it also the words Month, Year, Day, Summer, Winter, Spring,
Fall, and a period, question mark and an explanation mark to help out what
the spirits have to say more detailed and also the word Pardon? just in case
they get confused.  other then the picture i have of my board i scorched the
board so it look like it has been burned sorry i couldn't provide the picture
of it, Robert"
Robert - 3/10/2003
My name's John Prato.  I live in NYC.  I'm 35 and have been interested in
Ouija board for about one year.  I went online to the Museum of Talking
Boards and saw all the different kinds of boards they had.  So, I decided to
make my own Ouija board.  I want my board to look different like no other
board out there!  I had a custom alphabet stencil made for $28 and I
supplied the font (spirit).  I burned my letters, numbers & pictures on it!  I
also burned the entire back and the sides all around black.  I even burned a
strip around the front.  My board is 17x24 birchwood & 1/2" thick!  I also
made a planchette.  Check out my boards at www.webshots.com (coolnicky)!
John Prato - 7/28/2006
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