Ouija's in my Collection
Hand-Crafted boards
This is my favorite hand-made board.  It is modeled closely after the Ouija in
the movie Witchboard.  It is the largest board I've ever seen and is well over
two feet across.  It's nearly an inch thick too so it probably weighs about 10
pounds.  It was hand cut, burned, and finished by the talented people at
Taramisu's Custom Channeling board site.  If you want good quality and
aren't afraid to spend a little extra money for it, I highly suggest them.  Even
the high quality Ouija boards of the 1920's don't compare with this.  On top
of that, this is a custom board so there are very few of them out there floating
around.  It is solid wood, as is the planchette.  This is one of the best Ouija
designs of all time.  It looks much better in person...talk about a work of art.
I bought this hand-made board on eBay.  It was the first hand-crafted board
I owned.  Originally, the faces were really happy looking so I touched them
up a little myself.  I like the wicked look a lot better.  The board is about 1/3
of an inch thick and is a solid piece of wood.  The planchette (like most) sits
and slides around on three pegs.  This a much better hand-crafted board
than some of them I've seen.
These used to be the only boards I collected except for the William Fuld/Parker Brothers
boards.  I have a real fascination with high quality hand-crafted Ouija's.  Sadly, eBay has
recently been over-run with low quality hand crafted Ouija boards...
This is another skillfully handcrafted channeling made by the good people at
Portals to the Beyond.  It appears to be some kind of poster-sized print stuck
to masonite.  The board is pretty huge and the planchette is unmatched in
quality.  Also, this is the most frictionless Ouija board I've ever used.  The
planchette almost seems to float on air...maybe it does.  :)  I inquired about
what kind of gloss was used on the board but was informed that it's sort of a
trade secret.  I really like this board because it has a kind of dark theme to
it.  There's even a creepy-looking chess board on the back.  I'm so tired of
seeing Ouija boards covered with smiley moons and happy suns.  Who said
contacting spirits was supposed to make you giggle like a school girl?
This hand-made board seems like a blessing to me.  Ever since I can
remember, I've been a fan of the Evil Dead series of films.  This board is
based on the book from those movies...the Necronomicon.  This board is
pretty hefty, being made of 1/2" white maple.  The picture itself is some kind
of paper that has been attached to the wood.  The edges of the paper have
been tattered and torn which adds a really cool effect.  The artist has done a
fantastic job of giving the graphics "age stains" to make the board look
ancient.  On the back of the board is a paper with the History of the
Necronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft.  The planchette featuring the same
Necronomicon symbols as the board completes the set perfectly.
If you're looking to buy your own hand-made board, I suggest you check out the link below.
Witchboard World's Hand-Made Channeling Boards for Sale
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