You'll probably think I'm crazy...but I love Ouija Boards.  I have been a
fan of talking boards since early in my childhood.  It probably all
started when I first saw the film Witchboard.  Even though that film
seems slightly cheesey to me now, I still admire the boards themselves.  
I have a slowly growing collection of assorted boards which I am very
proud of.  Some people see the Ouija as a game.  Others see it as a
thing of evil.  I see it as a dying form of art.  I have taken on the
self-appointed duty of preserving as many of these boards as I can
before they are all lost from our closets and especially our memories

Within the pages of this Website, you will be able to read about the
history of the Ouija board and see pictures of many kinds.  I own all of
the boards pictured on these pages.  These boards have mostly been
acquired by bidding in auctions since I've had no luck getting them
otherwise.  I hope you enjoy your visit.
Ouija Boards  in my Collection
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Here are just a few of my antiqe boards on display...links to my extensive galleries are below!
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THE ORIGINAL OUIJA - 1891 Charles Kennard
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Below are links to my gallery of nearly three-dozen antique boards.  These are the whole reason
I started this Website in the first place.  They're arranged by their manufacturers.
Ouija boards have been around for a very long time...well over 100
years!  Slowly but surely, they are being left behind.  They are played
with a few times and then forgotten.  Well, I'm not going to let that
happen!  That's why I made this Website about the history and
significance of the talking board.  I'm doing all in my power to preserve
the legacy of quality talking boards.  I buy antique ones and even make
and sell my own wooden channeling boards at the link above.  I currently
own about three dozen antique boards...none of which are identical.  I
have a variety of styles of handmade boards for sale and I create new
boards every once in a while, too...such as the new Witchboard Replica.
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FanMade Boards
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Big things are coming soon!  I'm starting a second Ouija board site called Raimi Witchboards.  Until then, I'd
love nothing more than if you would join me and other Ouija board fans on facebook.  Have a Ouija board
story to share?  Come and post it on Raimi Witchboards' facebook wall and I'll give you a coupon for 13%
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All Boards are Personally Handmade by Dan Whitaker (Owner/Operator of Witchboard World)
Ouija is a trademark of Hasbro...I use it here only as a tribute to them because I'm such a fan and also because
this is what the talking board has been called ever since their release over a century ago...