Frequently Asked Question
About Ouija Boards
The very first thing I want to say is...Ouija is supposed to be pronounced We-Ja, not Wee-Gee.  On
the original William Fuld boxes, it states:  "Pronounced We-Ja".  The box (from 1920) is shown
above.  Unfortunately, some people never pronounce anything right even if they're told how to say
it.  (From working at Wendy's, I've heard dozens of people ask for "extry breadsticks" or Mozzarelly
Chicken Sandwiches" so the problem isn't only related to the word Ouija.)

Everyone is always asking me if I still collect "them Wee-Gee" boards.  Usually, I just walk away and
pretend I don't know what they're talking about.  (My friends do it just to make me mad)  Because
of this widespread mispronounciation, the newer boxes say, "Whether you call it Wee-Gee or Wee-ja,
the Ouija board spells fun."  This is something g
oofy that Parker Brothers did to humor the people
of this world with mispronounciation problems.  Yet another reason that Parker Brothers should
have never inherited the company (in my opinion, that is).

If you ever see me in person...please say We-ja.  :)  Okay...on with the FAQ.
Do these things really work?

In my opinion...YES!  I've been using boards for years.  It's much more fun than
talking to the uneducated morons I used to meet in Yahoo! chat rooms.  The
Ouija boards seem to have much better spelling and grammar as well.

What kind of Ouija board works the best?

Most Ouija experts will agree that store-bought boards just can't hold their own
when compared to hand-made boards.  I suggest that you either make your own,
or buy a hand-made board from a manufacturer on the Internet (such as myself).

My board isn't working...what am I doing wrong?

Ouija boards work differently for everyone.  Some people can pick up a board
and just go to town on it.  Others (like myself) have to practice before they can
get any results.  When I first started, I couldn't get so much as one word to spell I can have hour-long sessions.  The best way, in my opinion, to get a
board to work is to set the mood.  If you are distracted, it won't work.  Try not to
have fruitcakes in the room screaming and laughing.  The more seriously you
take it, the better your results.

Me and a friend of mine were using a Ouija board and now our
house/car/boat/tree etc... is haunted.  How do I get rid of the ghost?

If you truly believe that you have a genuine haunting, I suggest you start charging
people to stay at your house.  Also, be sure to charge them extra if they want to
use your Ouija board while they are there.  On a slightly more serious note, I'm
not a psychic I suggest you find someone who is.

You have a great collection of Ouija boards...can I have one?

Sorry, my antique board are for display purposes only.  The only kind of boards I
sell are my hand-made channeling boards.  I highly recommend them.
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